Once you are Lidköping, you should make the most of it and experience more of the area's highlights. Come on Thursday and listen to blues in the City Garden and stay on Sunday and cycle around Kållandsö. Or why not stroll around Lidköping center and have a coffee at one of the city's cozy cafes after a packed kayak weekend?

Sommar i trädgårn i Lidköping


På torsdag kväll 19.00 är det gratis konsert i Stadsträdgården. Ta med en filt och slå dig ner i det gröna och njut av härlig musik och god stämning. Det finns begränsade antal bänkar men mer än nog gräsmatta.

Information om vilken artist kommer släppas här: Click here.

Vandra på Kållandsö


Kållandsö is known as a very nice hiking area. You have many different hikes to choose from and new ones are added all the time. You will also find information signs about natural and cultural history along many of the routes.

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Bastuflotte hos Navens Outdoor Experience


Navens kayak offers kayaking in the stunning archipelago around Kållandsö. Here you can rent kayaks and get tips on excursions. They also have a fantastic saunaraft with hot tub, sauna and barbecuehut.

Navens kayak>>

Rörstrand museum i Lidköping


In Lidköping center you will find the Vänermuseet that shows everything about Lake Vänern. They have a digital walking tour, or why not peek a 8.5 kg heavy pike in their aquarium? If you are more interested in the history of the porcelain culture in Lidköping, go to the Rörstrand museum, where you can see how it was made during the 300 years that Lidköping produced porcelain.

Vänermuseum >>
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Fika under Läckö kajakträff


After a whole weekend of kayaking, you can actually treat yourself to some relaxing activity. Take a book, find your place in nature and just enjoy. If you want a real swedish "fika" (coffe and cake) you can pick and choose among all the cozy cafes.

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Cykla runt Kållandsö


Kållandsö offers really nice bike paths, both on asphalt and gravel. You can rent a bike at Läckö Castle, Spiken fishing harbor, Hörviken marina, Läckö golf or Läckö Strand. Unfortunately, you can not book a bike online, but contact them beforehand and they will help you. With a bike you can get there where most tourists never find, hidden beaches and empty forests.

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