Lidköping and Läckö Castle have many different accommodation options to choose from. If you want to make it easy for yourself, choose Läckö Camping which will arrange a special campsite next to Kungsviken with spectacular views over the castle. You can also choose the slightly more comfortable option and stay at the Naturrum Victoria House, which offers high-quality hotel rooms.

If you do not mind going a little bit to and from the event, there are many more options. Find what suits you best below!


Läckö camping offers a special tent area for all participants with stunning views of the castle. Here most people will stay and you will be able to feel the excitement from the moment you arrive until you go home. The cost of this is 200, - / tent per night with a maximum of 4 persons per tent. This option will be booked at the same time as you buy your ticket.

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Bo i husbil under Läckö kajakträff


Läckö camping also offers a campsite for caravans or motorhome, located a stone's throw from the tent site. This option is also available when you purchase your ticket.

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Bo på Victoriahuset under Läckö kajakträff


For those who feel like you want luxury there is the Victoria House option. Here you live about 500 meters from the tent-camp where everything is happening, so you can still enjoy all the evening activities but have a comfortable bed to come back to. You book this option when you buy the ticket.

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Stugor under Läckö kajakträff


Läckö Castle is located on the island of Kållandsö and there are many cottages to choose from. There are both campground cabins with a servicebuidling and self-catering cabins.

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